Warcraft 4 alpha leaked?

Warcraft 4 early alpha leaked Seems interesting. We (truly on of our visitor sent us) found an alpha “code-base” and model base of Warcraft 4. Sadly we don’t have enough programming experience and knowledge toContinue reading

Warcraft 4 fan arts

Warcraft 4 art works There are some unverified, not official Warcraft 4 fan arts for you guys. These are made in thought of the lore’s continuation. We will make a new post in the nextContinue reading

Warcraft 4 – It’s depend on us

Blizzard said some news about Warcraft 4, they say “It will depends on the players”. So what? We gathered the most important informations from every site for you guys. The most important news about WarcraftContinue reading

Warcraft 4 News

Episodic campaign was considering – no word on what they decided. Thrall will be in it The game is planned “tentatively” for a Q4 2017 release. Based on Starcraft Engine (II), RTS Probably will beContinue reading

Will Warcraft 4 confirmed ever?

When will Warcraft 4 confirmed officially? We absolutly know that, Warcraft 4 is confirmed semmi-officially by Blizzard. What it means? They just said some rumors about that, some “gossips”, but isn’t any fixed date, andContinue reading

Warcraft 4 rumors

Warcraft 4 rumors and speculations We have some fan made and not officialy released speculations and rumors about the new Warcraft, and it’s story. Warcraft 4 Edge of The Eternity? You could see this nameContinue reading

Warcraft 4 announced?

Warcraft 4 news and informations about release date We are still waiting for Warcraft 4 release, but first we should wait still the Warcraft 4 got announced. What are the expectations? Warcraft 4 could beContinue reading