Warcraft 4 alpha leaked?

Warcraft 4 early alpha leaked

Seems interesting. We (truly on of our visitor sent us) found an alpha “code-base” and model base of Warcraft 4. Sadly we don’t have enough programming experience and knowledge to examine and check the data files.

It could be legit, as the RTS developer team don’t have any public project (as we said all of Blizz’s RPGs came to end, no further developments)

The whole pack isn’t uploaded by us, and we don’t want to upload it to our site (because of legal issues). We have the link, sadly it’s and idiot link (you should take action or what), but it is harmless, no viruses or other bad things in it, we checked.

If you want to check the database, or examine the code and models, follow the link:

Warcraft 4 leaked data files

If anyone have a method to upload the data, without any legal issues or anything, please contact us.


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