Warcraft 4 announced?

Warcraft 4 news and informations about release date

We are still waiting for Warcraft 4 release, but first we should wait still the Warcraft 4 got announced. What are the expectations?
  • Warcraft 4 could be announced at Blizzcon 2016
  • There will be a lot of unknown informations after the announcement
  • The Official release of Warcraft IV could be 2-3 year after the announcement
  • The new episode of Warcraft will be such longer and more interactive than the olders.
  • There could be a lot of expansions/DLC as the Starcraft 2 had.
Warcraft 4 announced
Warcraft 4 announced

Costs and price feature of Warcraft 4

We could be sure about the pricing. The normal edition could be around 60-80 USD the “Legendary” – limited version could be around 120-150 depends on the addons of the pack.
The game probably won’t be monthly based subscription, but there could be a lot of ingame “money leecher” features.
You could find more details and informations on our page: Warcraft 4 beta download, official release date
Warcraft 4 news
Warcraft 4 news

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