Warcraft 4 beta, informations, downloads, official release date

There is a brand new leaked Warcraft 4 beta mod for Starcraft 2. It’s in early beta version, with lots of bugs and optimalization errors, and probably it’s not the official finished version. You can test the units, spells, some charachter


You can download this alpha version below, but read the article fully, to get informations about Warcraft 4 official release date and other informations

Warcraft 4 download(alpha):
An alpha released Warcraft 4 Trailer for Starcraft 2.

Warcraft 4 official release date

We got some  rumors about the release date, and the probably date of Warcraft 4 annoucement. There are some gossips, that says Blizzard will announce the release date at the 2016’s Blizzcon. We know that, Starcraft 2’s development comes to the end so blizzard will want to get an another game on plate, which probably will be the Warcraft 4. Some CEO and Head Developer said earlier, the Warcraft IV announcement and development will comes to time when will then fans want it. We could see some new articles, trends, and rumors about the Warcraft 4’s release, which could be a sign for blizzard to start the developement.

Rumors about the name – Warcraft 4 Edge Of The Eternity

There are some leaked or misty informations about Warcraft 4, as the name of the game, that say the new episode name will be : The Edge of Eternity, as you see above the logo, other gossips says the name will be The Awakening. These are just speculations, we can’t be sure about the name, but we can pretend it from the story.

Warcraft 4 The Edge of Eternity

The Story of Warcraft IV

We know that the Warcraft 3 and Frozen Throne’s story was continued in the World of Warcraft, so we must check the last episode of WoW, to pretend what we could see. We have many options, as Sargeras as the biggest evil of universe, the demon leader, or some charachters from the Emerald Dream, or there could be some brand new enemy with a brand new race? Blizzard have unlimited possibilityes of the continuation, as the have really great writers, who will give us an awesome Warcraft 4 story. We hope in a great ancient story, with some oldschool bosses, and well written story line, with some new books
Warcraft 4 beta informations

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