Warcraft 4, could be there ever?

Do we have any chances for Warcraft IV ?

We are there with some deep analysis of the chances of Warcraft 4. This article will be long, there will be a lot of outcomes, but all of that will be positive. We look after all of the blizzard’s interviews about the topics, we checked all informations which other sites have, and made some reports on the life span of “Warcraft 4’s articles”.  In the interviews, we could see, there is a positive outcome, year by year.

Does blizzard want a new game, or a new Warcraft?

Blizzard always was a bit unpredictable with their plans. There was Titan, there was some other games, and check, there is HeartStone, Heroes of The Storm and Overwatch. We didn’t know about any game, and didn’t ever thought about games like these.

But wait, there was a game named as Titan. We have some conspiracy about this. As we know from the lore, Titans are the most powerful creatures (as we know) in the universe. Probably the game named Titan could be an RTS about the times before Warcraft 1.

There are many reasons why. The World of Warcraft continued the Warcraft 3 TFT’s story line, and added so much to it, as Pandaria, WoD, The Legion. Probably the WoW will make the story’s flow, and the Warcraft 4 will travel us to the times before Azeroth.

There are many holes in the lore, about Elune, the Emerald dream, and the nightmare dream isn’t fully explored.

Warcraft 4 Path of Titans

Yea, a great title. The chances are big. Blizzard won’t make a game with the WoW expansion’s same storyline. Therefore, the beginning of the lore has big holes.

There could be no Titans after all, there could be some story about the Legion’s attack on Argus, the full transformation of Archimonde and Kil’Jaeden. We will get more story about Velen, and the naaru.

So, to belie the fans, there are many unexposed lore in the universe.

Release date, when, how

The Warcraft 4 will be announced at BlizzCon at sure. But when? The time between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3, was 12 years. So in the near future we will have a date, and as we know blizzard slow.

There will be new episode? Sure. Blizzard don’t have any projects for now, Starcraft 2 comes to the end, Diablo 3 comes to the end. Furthermore, they want money, blizzard always want money

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