Warcraft 4 rumors

Warcraft 4 rumors and speculations

We have some fan made and not officialy released speculations and rumors about the new Warcraft, and it’s story.

Warcraft 4 Edge of The Eternity?

You could see this name a lot of places, yea, it’s a fan made mod, but The Edge of The Eternity still a great choice for the official game too. Ah, and you can download that mod from there: Warcraft 4 The Edge of The Eternity . Thats an awesome fan made mode for Starcraft 2.
But which name combinations appeared yet? Some fans fully agree on that the new game could be Warcraft 4 The Awakening, which consider a new enemy’s appear, a true evil, the world destroyer, how could be sargeras in his true form? Yea, remember we still don’t killed Sargeras in Warcraft episode, or in the World of Warcraft.
There are some  rumors which says the game will be Warcraft 4 the Battle of Azeroth, we think it couldn’t be this name, its cliche and there is always “Battle of Azeroth” situations in the games.
warcraft 4 rumors
warcraft 4 rumors

Release date

There are a lot of speculations about Warcraft 4 official release date, you could find more informations on our site: Warcraft 4 announced?
Warcraft 4 release
Warcraft 4 release

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