Will Warcraft 4 confirmed ever?

When will Warcraft 4 confirmed officially?

We absolutly know that, Warcraft 4 is confirmed semmi-officially by Blizzard. What it means? They just said some rumors about that, some “gossips”, but isn’t any fixed date, and story information.

How we know that, we get this game?

Blizzard love money, and they need money. Starcraft 2 story’s will be ended in the next half year. They don’t have any development after that. Yea, there is WoW, and HS and other continuesly updated games, but they will need a brand new money maker, which will be the new episode of Warcraft 4, as the rumors says.

We need some blood refresh to the Warcraft storyline.

Yea, WoW is popular and such a good game, but its 10 years old, which is absolutley much. Graphics get old, animations get old, we want something new, something Warcraft instead of WoW. There will be probably Single and Multi player options, with some free world style game elements. Warcraft 4 will be definitly better than Warcraft 3. Blizzard know the benefits of a long-term story and game, WoW was a long term game, and its good for Blizzard.

We want unique and well designed story

There are many new story lines in the World of Warcraft, but these stories not good as the story was in W3. WoW is a game/multiplayer optimized game, not a story focused. What we love in the original Warcraft series? The story. The story was the reason why everybody played with Warcraft 1-2-3 and the TF. We loved the charachters, the dialoges, we read the books, and the whole universe just locked itself into our heart. I personally read all the books about the Warcraft’s story line, bought the Trading Card Game, read about the trivia, the fan-made storylines.

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